The Center of Choreography "Veselad" - one of the most famous and best children's dance in Ukraine.

Established in 1994, "Veselad" combines many types of learning of choreography and directions, including Ukrainian folk-scenic, folklore and modern dance, classical and modern pop dance, acrobatics basics.

The future artists can begin mastering the fundamentals of choreography in 3-5 years and go through the preparatory, primary and secondary levels of education.

The main objective of the Center "Veselad" is toinvolvethe widest range of children and young people for learning of all kinds of genres and choreography, to give them a thorough aesthetic education and continuous breeding selection of the most talented ones with a view to make them in future high professional and virtuosos - dancers and choreographers.

To date, there’re more than 400 children from different districts of Kiev take mastery in the Center "Veselad"

Teaching staff of "Veselad" operates at the level of the highest achievements of modern European choreographic education and combines teaching with practice andconcert activity.

The concert repertoire of the center "Veselad" includes dances from different regions of Ukraine and dances of the world. There’re the numbers from the vocabulary of modern and classical dance, fragments from the ballet variations in the program of the dancing team.

Center "Veselad" characterized by high professional skills, dance and theatrical culture. Appearance and skills of young dancers are emotionally perceived by the most demanding audience.

"Veselad" is well-known and loved not only in Kiev, Ukraine, but also widely abroad. During the recent years, the ensemble proudly represented the art of children of Kiev, winning first places and the titles of winner of many prestigious international festivals:

Latvia and others

"Veselad" - winner of the Grand Prix of the IX World Folk Festival (75 countries were represented) in Ismailia, Egypt and of the International Festival "Baltic Voyage" Riga - Stockholm-Riga.

"Veselad" has performed successfully a lot of times on the best stages of Ukraine - National Opera of Ukraine, the National Palace of Culture "Ukraine", International Center of Culture "October Palace", Theatre of Operetta and others.

"Veselad" has been awarded by the Grand - Prix in "Artek" in 2000-2003 and 2005-2007 respectively, they are also the First Prize winners of All-Ukrainian competition review of thechoreography teams.

For the significant contributions to the national culture, by the President of Ukraine, the artistic director of the "Veselad" Larissa Gusovskaya was awarded by the official title "Honored Artist of Ukraine". She was also awarded by "Sign of Honor" by the Kyiv Mayor.

The Director of the Center "Veselad" - Vitaliy Gusovskiy was elected as Vice President and Chairman of the Kiev branch of the Association of Choreography of the National Ukrainian Music Union.

The work of teachers of the "Veselad" was repeatedly awarded by diplomas, gratitude and presents of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry Family and Youth of Ukraine, Kyiv mayor.

Talented children of the Center "Veselad" repeatedly getthe creative scholarships from the administrations of the city and city districts.

Graduates of the Center work in the best professional collectives in Ukraine and Russia: National Honoured Academic Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named PP Virsky, National Dance Ensemble of Russia of Igor Moiseyev, Operetta Theatre, Theatre "SuziryaAniko," National Choirnamed H.Veryovka, study in the best universities and secondary schools in Ukraine.

In 1998, the Center "Veselad" has becomethe associate member of International Council of Organizations for Folklore Festivals (CIOFF) by UNESCO.

In 2004, "Veselad" successfully passed the licensing in the Department of Education of Kyiv Administration as an institution of esthetic-art education for children. In 2012, "Veselad" has successfully passed the procedure of license extension until December 2017.

The plans for the future of the Center "Veselad":

  • The organization of the dance team with the elements of the traditional Ukrainian Cossacks’ combat exercises.
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Family and Youth of Ukraine on conducting the festival of dance for children in orphanages and for talented orphans.
  • Cooperation with the Department of Education and Science of Kyiv for carrying out the festival "All colors dance" to the "Day of Kyiv" celebration.
  • Participation in the International Children's FestivalsinGreek (Katerini), Montenegro (Kotor), Austria (Klahenfyurt).
  • The development of the material resources of the Centre, sewing costumes for a new concert program "We are all your children, Ukraine".

Director of the Center of Choreography "Veselad"
Vitaliy Gusovskiy
Ph: +380 44 227 94 71
Mob: +380 67 270 65 67